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Our Team.

We exist to up-level leaders by leveraging their unique skills while uncovering blind spots. We accept, listen, and encourage leaders to be their best, modeling the way for others to lead deeply meaningful and whole lives. Our process engenders impeccable agreements that reduce friction and generate positive outcomes, thus causing an improved state of wellbeing, resilience, earned trust, collaboration, and sustained joy across teams and organizations. 

Our team supports executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and their teams with:

  • Work-life integration
  • Individual and team performance enhancement
  • Deepening self awareness
  • Increasing transparency and earned trust
  • Navigating healthy conflict
  • Establishing a culture of impeccable accountability
  • Minimizing drama
  • Increasing vitality and resilience while reducing overwhelm and burnout
  • Creating a values-based leadership mission and identity

Inquire about the Leadership Performance Lab, our 6-week program for elevating mental fitness for the modern leader:  Jill@JillKnouse.com

Jill Knouse

Jill Knouse is an Holistic Life + Wellness Coach. In 2005, she turned her attention from a 15-year career in the financial services industry toward developing her passions in somatic therapy and the practices of yoga. Since that time, Jill has built a successful business teaching yoga & mindfulness, providing holistic coaching to clients and hosting retreats around the world multiple times per year.

Jill is dedicated to supporting her clients in an integral way — mind, heart & body. Together, identifying areas of desired growth, setting goals and objectives, moving past challenges, as well as, limiting beliefs, and holding clients accountable so that their dreams may become reality. Jill draws from a wide variety of experiences in her own life and career to support clients in designing a more conscious way of being and ultimately improving the quality of their lives.  She is a graduate of The Martha Beck Institute and has completed course study through New Ventures West.

When Jill is not coaching or teaching yoga near her home in the Pacific Northwest, she can be found leading global retreats; She has led upwards of 40 transformational retreats and service projects to destinations including Tanzania, Nicaragua, Belize, Mexico and Costa Rica. When home, she can often be found adventuring on hiking trails around the Pacific Northwest with her husband and beloved pups, Addie and Dug. Movement is one of her favorite personal therapies. Jill avidly practices yoga, cycles and runs. She has completed at least a dozen 1/2 marathons and recently tackled a full marathon.

Michael Knouse

Michael Knouse is an executive performance coach.  He helps impact-focused leaders unlock their potential and do more meaningful work, without pushing so hard.

Michael draws on 25+ years of experience as a software sales executive, startup business development leader, and executive/performance coach, to support his clients with cultivating deeper resilience, reducing drama, and performing with greater ease and flow. Michael coaches executives and leaders across the globe in one-on-one, group, and team

When he’s not coaching his clients on to victory, Michael can be found exploring the trails of the Pacific Northwest, shredding steeps on powder days, and adventuring with his wife Jill and their two lovable dogs (Dug and Addiebelle).

Website: https://michaelknouse.com

Mary-Beth Frerichs

Mary-Beth Frerichs is an executive coach with over twelve years of direct coaching experience and over two decades of professional expertise in every aspect of human resources. Her sweet spot is working with professionals whose readiness for change is present. She possesses a genuine care for clients finding themselves in transition, feeling off-the-mark or needing an edge to be promoted to their next career.

Before dedicating her time exclusively to executive coaching, she worked more than two decades in nearly every aspect of human resources. Her deep understanding and unique senior perspective of the employment lifecycle are rooted in her front-line responsibility for recruiting, onboarding, training and development, performance management, workforce reductions, and outplacement. She understands the challenges her clients are facing.

No single approach is the right one for each individual. So, she is trained in a variety of methods including the Hogan Assessments HPI, HDS, MVPI, PQ Training by Shirzad Chamine, WINGS leadership and development trainings, and Technology of Participation (ToP). Her education background includes a Bachelor of Science, General Studies, Certificate in Women’s Studies, Portland State University.

In addition to coaching, Mary-Beth enjoys living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and son. Her passions include spending time in the great outdoors running, hiking, gardening, fostering a healthy community and living intentionally.

Website: https://thedrivergp.com/

“Working with Jill has been a game changer in my business. I have learned tactical skills, I’ve refined my WHY and I have a greater sense of confidence in all that I am offering. She provided an unwavering support system through weekly one-on-one strategy sessions. She couldn’t have made it easier for me to focus on and tackle the big stuff. While working with Jill, I increased my offerings, as well as, my revenue, and I now have a clearer vision of my direction. My only regret is that I didn’t work with her sooner!” – Emily Taylor, Founder of FlowWear

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